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News Release April 2010
“Touch Teach and Learn” - Apple Strategy Update

In 2009 HTMi established the first International Hotel School-based Research and Development Centre, setup to research and develop iPod Touch applications for hospitality education, training and operations. Since the establishment of the Centre  we have embarked on a strategy of  “Touch, Teach and Learn” so that the Apple iPod Touch technology becomes an everyday part of life, learning and teaching at HTMi. Following very high investment in software and hardware resources the benefits to students and teachers are starting to grow, with the emergence of HTMi Applications for use on Apple iPod Touch.  

In 2010 HTMi recently sent a senior management delegation to  the Education Leadership Conference 2010 in Prague organised by Apple, with the intention of sharing best practice of its technology uses in education. This conference enabled HTMi’s launch into the international community of education providers that use Apple technology to improve teaching and learning. A further major announcement  on the development of the “Touch, Teach and Learn” strategy at HTMi will be made at the Marriott in Zurich in June 2010.  

For further information on the 2010 Apple Education Leadership Conference please click on the link below:-

"Prague Education Leadership Summit Conference 2010"

Ian Larmour, Director, HTMi, April 2010

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